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Photo Fridays – Stone Horse Farm

October 24th, 2008 · No Comments · Photos

Drying tomatoes and apples on the shed.

Drying tomatoes and apples on the shed.

I have been talking about super-budget family travel, here and here.  These are pictures from our visit to Stone Horse Farm during Sonoma’s Weekend Along Farm Trails.  It was no more than 45 minutes from our home, but a world away.  And it only cost us gas, and what we spent on food.

We arrived late in the day as things were winding down.  Carriage rides were over and the draft horses were getting a well deserved brush.  The farm was a beautiful mix of modern and antique.  In addition to the carriage rides offered, they opened their playground, teepee, and had fresh produce for sale.  The produce was all organic and heirloom.  They also sold some dried fruits and veg plus apple pie.

After accepting a taste of the dried tomato, I was in love.  It was a beautiful mix of sweet and savory, soft and chewy.  Imagine a tomato at the perfect ripeness, turned into a jerky which you could let melt in your mouth, or tear apart with your teeth.  After buying a bag to snack on, I turned around and saw the production line on the roof of the shed.  (Pictured above.)

Old and new transporation.

Old and new transportation.

In looking around the farm, we saw the mountain bikes tucked away with the tack and trailer.

Enjoying our goodies by the TeePee.

Enjoying our goodies by the TeePee.

My husband has never walked past a piece of pie.  For a few dollars we bought a slice of homemade apple pie.  This was not your run of the mill, homemade apple pie.  It was organic and used apples from the farm – no big deal around Northern California.  The crust was made with butter and flour ground from the wheat grown on the farm.  We don’t have a lot of wheat around here.  This was taking locavore to a new level for me.  Oh and it was fabulous.  The apples were seasoned with cinnamon, but no sugar.  They did not need it.  What you give up in flakiness by using butter is exceeded by the rich flavor.  We liked the pie.

I also picked up an heirloom melon that smelled so strong, it was like bizzaro Durian.  The smell was just as overwhelming, but sweet.

Total cost without gas: $7.

Note: I am participating in DeliciousBaby’s super cool Photo Fridays, where everyone is invited to link to a travel photo. Please click here to see more of this week’s photos & stories.

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