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Welcome to Hartford, CT.

April 6th, 2009 · No Comments · Misc

We moved.  From the San Francisco Bay Area to Hartford, CT.  This is why my blog has been static for the past three months.

Not that I have not been doing anything.  In addition to my freelance work (making money), I have packed, moved and cleaned our house in CA, gone house hunting in CT, and traveled a lot.  Oh, and for a month I was doing most of this as a single mom.  My husband left to start his new job at the end of February.

This is a big change for me.  While I grew up moving every couple of years to places as diverse as St. Croix and Buffalo, my first, on my own adult move was to San Francisco which I fell in love with as a tourist. (Has anyone ever been a tourist in Hartford?  Seriously! And especially with kids? All recommendations welcome.) While I left for a few years, my most recent stint in the San Francisco Bay Area has been 12 years.  It is tough to leave.  I have gone through the five stages of grieving only to encounter setbacks which send me through them again.

Ironically, 13 years ago I lived in the same corporate housing complex we are in now.  I turned down a great job with a great company because my memories of Hartford were two meals at the Olive Garden and lots of great trips away from Hartford.

Mirielle testing out winter clothing on a house hunting trip.

Mirielle testing out winter clothing on a house hunting trip.

I am trying to stay optimistic.  There are nice people everywhere and I have been fortunate to meet some of them already.  In every city there is a lot to discover and discovery is wonderful and one of the joys of travel.  (The internet resources are less developed here than in the Bay Area, so I am going to have to find gems the old fashioned ways).  I (intentionally) missed the bulk of winter and now see buds on the trees and I am looking forward to everything waking up/blooming/greening at once.  Oh, and I am beginning to think there are more children’s museums per capita in this state than anywhere in the country.  As I left my wonderful day care behind in California, I may visit all of them before long.

And the bottom line, our mortgage in a great neighborhood here will be less than our rent in the Bay Area (plus 1000 more square feet which I have mixed feelings about – but ask me again next February.)  That translates into a lot more room in the travel budget!  I have barely visited New England, airfares to Europe can run as low as $400 RT, and if all else fails I can take advantage of the real estate implosion in Florida and get a pied-a-terre in Miami.

Now off on my first adventure – finding great Souvlaki in the area.

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