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Photo Friday – Leaf Peepers

October 16th, 2009 · No Comments · Photos

Have you seen the stories? “Great foliage drives” “Where to view fall colors” “See fall’s colors in places you wouldn’t think” In New England, tourists coming to see the brilliant reds, yellows, oranges and browns on the trees are called ‘Leaf Peepers.’ This is my first fall living in New England and like the spring bloom, the fall colors are bold and in your face and spectacular. No wonder so many people visit this time of year.View from back porch in October

Standing on my back porch, a view over my neighbor’s house brings pause and appreciation of what the big deal is. Driving Mirielle to School in OctoberDriving Mirielle to school, I end up on the road with the brilliant orange tree. Birch Tree in October Birch trees with their white bark are one of the first to lose their leaves this year. The fragile, sparsely clothed branches remind me of characters in Chekhov’s plays. (Maybe a bit esoteric reference, but I love birch trees and I love Checkhov’s plays and I have always imagined the Russian farms covered with birch forests.) Out the office window in OctoberSpeaking of Chekhov, the cherry tree out my office window is fading from green to red-yellow.

Napa Valley in November

Napa Valley in November

In California, I often heard east coast immigrants (which I was) missed the seasons. I always saw seasons. I never missed them: green and brown, wet and dry, a slow ‘spring’ which lasted from late January through the rains, and a subtle fall that was not so subtle in the vineyards or even the median of our street. Snow was a season I definitely did not miss and it was only three hours away if I wanted to ski.

Fall means more figs in California

Fall means more figs in California

This weekend we are headed up to Vermont to see the ‘peak’ foliage, pick apples, taste cheese, meet alpaca and whatever else strikes our fancy. I am going to be a ‘Leaf Peeper’ but there has got to be a better name. Foliage Finder? Colors Crusader? Autumn Audubon-ist? Tree Tourist? Other suggestions?

I am participating in DeliciousBaby’s super cool Photo Fridays, where everyone is invited to link to a travel photo. Please click here to see more of this week’s photos & stories.

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