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Honey, I Dropped the Camera!

February 22nd, 2010 · No Comments · Gear, Tips & Tricks

It happens.  To some of us, it happens a lot.  What do you do when you drop that new digital SLR camera and hear the crunch as it hits the ground/floor/desk/foot?  Or someone not of the age of majority tries to grab the video camera from dad ending in FAIL?

After my Nikon Digital SLR camera slipped out of its case (which someone I forgot to zip) and hit the floor, the battery door was clearly broken and the lens didn’t turn smoothly.  Everything else seemed O.K., but the sensitive electronics can easily be knocked out of calibration.

Clearly my warranty wasn’t going to help so I headed to the web to find camera and lens repair options.  It turns out the world’s largest camera and video repair facility, Precision Camera, is located here in Connecticut.

Testing my repaired camera on the campus of Precision Camera.

Testing my repaired camera on the campus of Precision Camera.

I used the pull down options at to select my camera make and model to get an instant quote.  The quote for repair is fixed price and offers different shipping options.   I was skeptical about what was in the fixed priced so called the customer service, number clearly posted on the website, and learned that the price covers evaluation of the camera and a range of repairs.  If for some reason the repairs needed were extensive, say a new motherboard, they would contact me with a quote.

When looking at price, consider the camera or lens cost and replacement time frame.  For me, the camera was a no-brainer; it was new and would hopeful last as long as my film SLRs (which I still have and still work.)  My lens on the other hand was the standard kit lens that came with the camera.  The replacement cost was about 2.5 times the repair cost and I hope to upgrade this lens in the next year so I passed on repairing the lens.

My repaired camera was ready in a few days.  When I picked it up, a report of the work done was included.  After over 200 photos everything seems to be working well and the picture quality seems slightly better than before the fall.

I sincerely hope you never need this service.  Maybe the simple fact of knowing about it will mean you won’t have to use it, but accidents do happen and it is nice to know where to go for camera repair.

Precision Camera

I received no compensation for this review.  All opinions are those of the author.

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