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Saratoga Springs: Roosevelt Baths and Spa

September 2nd, 2010 · No Comments · Destinations

Is there anything better than soaking in a hot mineral bath, alone, with your kids nowhere in sight or earshot? No errands, chores, electronics, obligations for 30 minutes and your only concern is whether to heat up the effervescent spring water in your tub.  Guess why I book a bath (alone) at the Roosevelt Baths and Spa in Saratoga Springs during my visits?

Mom's time out at Roosevelt Baths and Spa in Saratoga

Mom's time out at Roosevelt Baths and Spa in Saratoga

Located adjacent to Saratoga Spa State Park and SPAC, the Roosevelt Baths and Spa was renovated and reopened in 2004, restoring the 1935 bathhouse’s facilities with upgrades to meet today’s spa going tastes.  The subway tiled rooms, re-glazed bathtubs and porcelain drinking fountains (think back to elementary school) feels a bit “institutional” to me, but it doesn’t take away from the water at all.

Extremely lucky to make an appointment only two days prior, I arrived early for my bath and was shown to the very small locker room.  It was an awkward set up at best.  The locker room worked on a quiet Sunday morning, but with one or two more guests it would be frustrating.  As it was I had to wait for the shower and do a little locker dancing with another guest.

Walking across the hall to the steam room and sauna was okay, but with the layout of the doors and hooks, I felt like it was a potential peepshow.  The steam room & sauna were not coed but the hallway was.  I think just changing the hinges on the hallway door would be vast improvement.

The waiting/relaxation room was standard for a high end spa with lounge chairs, cucumber water and herbal teas, reading materials, and a soothing water feature.  It almost succeeded in creating a relaxing environment.  Two things made it an almost.  First, the only magazines were business and golf related.  I don’t know if that reflects the main clientele’s interest or the main clientele swipe everything but the golf and business mags. (Is it wrong to expect a Vogue, Coastal Living or Travel & Leisure to be lying around?) I am leaning to the latter due to the second relaxation breaker of two guests who thought the relaxation room was a perfect place to have cell phone conversations.

A relaxing bath at Roosevelt Baths and Spa

The relaxing bath at Roosevelt Baths and Spa in Saratoga Springs.

But, my visit was all about the bath and that is where I looked to find relaxation and quiet.  An attendant picked me up in the waiting room and showed me to the treatment room which included a massage table and deep porcelain glazed tub.  He explained the bath to me: how the water would feel, how to change the temperature, location of the towels, and gave me a heads up on when he would check on me.

The bath was wonderful.  It took about two minutes to get used to the rust colored water’s mild sulfur smell and not long after the attendant was in to make sure I had enough towels to pillow my head. Drifting in the bath, the minerals left a soothing film on my skin that was continuously assailed by the effervescence of the water.  Think taking a bath in champagne.  That’s what I was imagining and it certainly felt that luxe.  I was forewarned that I may not make it through the full 30 minutes of bath time. Sure enough, I was ready to get out after 25, right as the attendant came for last call.

Red red bath I love you right from the start, right from the start with all of my heart

Red, red bath, I love you right from the start, right from the start with all of my heart! (photo by caprijuliet)

I drifted out of the treatment room and am not sure my feet touched the ground for a least an hour after my bath.  Aside from thirst which I quenched from the mineral water fountains, nothing could bother me.  My husband and Mirielle spent time at the historic Victoria Pool while I took my bath, so Mirielle was falling asleep by the time they picked me up giving me two more peaceful hours.

A full menu of services is available including massages, facials, and body treatments, but Saratoga’s water is what sets this spa apart.  Be sure to make reservations in advance.

Roosevelt Baths & Spa, 39 Roosevelt Drive, Saratoga Springs, New York, (800) 452-7275

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