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Disclosure Policy

Backpack to Buggy is for-profit. Advertisers, affiliations, sponsors and partners are welcome.  Complimentary or discounted travel, dining, spa treatments, products and services are accepted.

There is no such thing as an unbiased review.  Everyone has biases. Through experiences with people, places, things and ideas, biases change.  We hope that Backpack to Buggy will provide views and reviews that are first and foremost honest regardless of out of pocket cost.

If any complimentary or discounted travel, dining, products and services are accepted and reviewed, it will be disclosed explicitly at the end of the review.  Backpack to Buggy undertakes no obligation to state that compensation was not accepted.  The opinions contained in reviews and other content are solely those of the writer.  Backpack to Buggy will not accept payment to positively review a place, service or product.

Assume that income may be made by clicking on any links on Backpack to Buggy but at this time, Backpack to Buggy will not accept payment to include a link in its written content.

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